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Thinking is hard, being is easy
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  • Dissolve stress and feel better instantly
  • Learn the world's most effective self-help tools
  • Enjoy happy, supportive, fulfilling relationships
  • Stoke the fires of your incredible creative genius
  • Know true and lasting peace of mind
  • Accelerate the realization of your dreams and goals
  • Make a profound difference in people's lives
  • Rock the world and change the course of history!
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Free Online Program, featuring 30 daily blasts and conversations with top experts on human potential and spirituality, leading to one remarkable day of joy and creativity, peace and presence across our nation and around the world. Begin now and pass it along, so we can spread the word during the summer so we can spread the word and come together in our schools and communities to build an unstoppable wave of coherent heart energy that influences the quantum field!

We're cultivating the greatest conversation of our age: how each of us can impact all of us.

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Be an agent of change
The world's greatest thinkers, visionary teachers such as Gregg Braden, Hale Dwoskin, Marci Shimoff, Raphael Cushnir, Dr. Judith Orloff, Stacey Robbins, Reverend Laurie Sue Brockway, Howard Martin of The HeartMath Institute, Donna LeBlanc, Ernest Chu of The Soul Currency Institute, Sandy Grason, Baron Baptiste, Reverend Vic Fuhrman, Dr. Stephen Hodes, Kayhan Ghodsi, Eliana Gilad, Kim Marcille, Ezgi Sorman of The Alliance for a New Humanity, Kat Katsanis, and Reverend Betsy Clarke, among others, already know the power of presence and of living from the fundamental truth of your naturally peaceful self. These remarkable individuals share their uniquely inspiring observations and immensely practical techniques with us in the days of our program.
Learn new ways to support your beingness
Featuring some of the most impressive and popular contemporary spiritual authors, and renowned new thought instructors and trainers, this extraordinary campaign reveals incredible ways to quiet unproductive and anxious mind chatter and respond to your circumstances with love and intentionality. It will help you create a community around you that is resonant with your highest values and live from the solution.
Find out what stopping thinking can do for you
Benefits of meditation, deep presencing, authenticity, and a quiet mind have been proven to occur on every level of our lives, from our physical health, to our mental and emotional well-being. They result in emotional calm, high-energy states, reduction in stress, increased mental clarity, better relationships, more compassionate communication, flourishing creativity, and effortless, intuitively guided productivity.