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About Richard & Stephanie

Richard and Stephanie became friends in 2006. Through a series of conversations about the importance of raising consciousness on the planet, and a shared love of laughter and play, they decided to launch a project that would inspire and support other people, such as you, the reader, to give themselves the experience of peace and joyful living on a daily basis in whatever way appeals to those people. They believe that shifting our minds from fear-based thoughts to a sense of presence with whatever is happening in the moment opens us to creativity and connection. Also, if people were to experience such peace in a bold, communal way, all on one day, it would change the energy of the world, reduce stress and conflict, and improve relationships. They hope you will join with them in an exploration of the possibility this idea holds. It's the next great adventure.

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Richard Aronow
Richard Aronow

Richard Aronow, co-creator of The Great American Think Out, believes there is a universal intelligence that connects us all and with which, when we tap into it, we can create, be, and have all that we want—and more than we could possibly imagine. He is an entrepreneurial pioneer who has helped finance and owned many diverse investments across the United States in sectors such as retail, entertainment, advertising, real estate, alternative fuels, education, precious metals, energy, and technology. He is author of Success in Just a Few Words, and has developed and sold over $300 million in products, including The Hollywood 48 Hour Miracle Diet, on TV and radio, in print, and through retail outlets. He is an owner and founder of American Clean Coal Fuels and Sunset Health Products, Inc. (a nutritional health company), and founder and CEO of Aronow Capital, LLC located in La Jolla, California, where he resides.

Stephanie Gunning
Stephanie Gunning

Stephanie Gunning, co-creator of The Great American Think Out, is a bestselling nonfiction author, editor, and publishing consultant with over two decades of experience in the book business, specializing in the categories of spirituality, health, and new thought. Her A-list clientele includes several New York Times bestselling authors (including Hale Dwoskin and Gregg Braden), major publishing firms, top caliber literary agencies, and innovative small presses and self-publishers. She has coauthored and ghostwritten more than 18 books, including Will Power, Creating Your Birth Plan, Whiff, and Total Renewal, among others. She is also the creator of the audio programs Partner with Your Publisher and 7 Quick & Easy Steps to Write and Sell Your First Book Proposal, and co-creator of 9 Steps to Heaven.

After graduating with a B.A. from Amherst College in 1984, Gunning launched her publishing career in New York City, rapidly rising through the editorial ranks at HarperCollins Publishers, then being recruited as a senior editor at Bantam Doubleday Dell, and ultimately establishing an independent consulting and publishing business, Stephanie Gunning Enterprises LLC, in 1996. Currently, she resides in Manhattan, where she teaches teleseminars and workshops on nonfiction publishing and creativity. She publishes a monthly newsletter, "The Publishing Insider™ News." To find out more about her products and services, visit her website: